Handing over the wheel

One of the most important topics in growing industries is management development in start-up companies. If they are to succeed they need professional management and management development. Ready to go?

Corporate Development

Companies are not stagnant: they pass through several stages, comparable to the development of a child. Once they are „grown up“ the time of improvisation and intuition is over, and the team of founders is no longer able to make every decision and to control the whole company. It is time to think of succession management.

As a management consultant, I am very familiar with this moment in corporate development of start-up companies. In the majority of cases it is a crisis situation because it is not clear for all members of the team of founders that it is time for professional and systematical management development.

Questions to ask

What are the central questions in this situation?

  • How can we preserve the core of our corporate culture and how can we implement this in our management system and the management development system?
  • What is the mission of our company and how should we phrase the mission statement?
  • What are the standards of our recruiting process?
  • What are the standards of our management development process?
  • What are our management guidelines?

In growing start-up companies, sooner or later there comes the right time for asking and discussing these questions!