Webinar teams: On November, 13th, 1 pm UTC, I will be part of the Webinar „ How to develop great teams?” as an expert on “managing complexity” and “the complexity of teams” in the Management Skills Group (MSG) an international Community of Practice (CoP). From Klagenfurt into the world.

Webinar How to develop great teams?

Modern economy and modern business get more and more dynamic and complex. In modern organisations management tries to use teams for coping with high dynamic and high complexity. Furthermore it is fashionable to work in teams. Practical experience shows that not every team is an effective team or rather most teams are not effective or at least it takes a long time to get them effective. The question is how to develop great teams?

First I will give my presentation “How to develop great teams?” In my presentation I will refer to great thinkers like Heinz v. Foerster, Bruce Tuckman, Heijo Rieckmann, Ruth Cohn, Jim Collins and more … and will link from “theories of teams” to management practice and leadership practice.

We will discuss topics like „simple vs. complex systems“, „from panacea to effectivity“, „teams in organisations“, „team characters“, „theme-centered interaction (TCI)“ and more.

Then we will have plenty of time for discussing the topic and sharing our knowledge and experience.

All members of the Management Skills Group (MSG) are invited to come to the Webinar for participating, discussing and sharing. I hope to meet you in the Webinar!

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