Bus success

Catch the bus to success! What is the shortest path from good to great? It’s organizational transformation. Isn’t that risky? Yes it is. Typically, you set the course early on, so it is important how you start your process of change.

Jim Collins … right people

I have been working in the area of organizational transformation for more than 15 years now. I have learned that it is absolutely essential to get the buy-in of the right people. It is about „getting the right people on the bus“, like Jim Collins tells us.

I typically aim for a top down approach, meaning that I talk to top level management or the head of an SME. They must be committed to the goals and fully support the change process. If I have any doubts I simply don’t accept the assignment as it would not succeed anyway. On the other hand, if I feel they want the change and are willing to collaborate then they form a „guiding coalition“ similar to John Kotter’s ideas.

People desicions

Jim Collins also sticks to these principles when addressing people decisions during transformational processes: „The right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, and the right people in the right seats.“ Following this idea, managers must be rigorous – but not ruthless – in people decisions.

Best people on the bus

To my mind, it is important that you have your best people on the bus for organizational transformation. I think that it is the most important challenge for your company. And it is one of its biggest opportunities in times of change, dynamics and complexity.

Catch the bus to success!

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